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A fire rated ductwork system is designed to convey smoke, hot gases and flame from area to area, and to supply air combustion in the fire area. For this purpose and reason, it is essential to provide fire protection of a duct system to life safety and of course the protection of building and property.

The standard set by the fire department under Uniform Building By-Law is intended to prescribe minimum requirement are intended to:

  • Restrict the spread of smoke through duct system in a building or into a building from outside.
  • Restrict the fire through duct systems in a building.
  • Permit the air duct system in a building to be used for the additional purpose of emergency smoke control.
  • Ventilation duct systems intended solely for the evacuation of smoke, which are intended to maintain their integrity and cross sectional area within the fire compartment in order to enable maximum quality of smoke to be extracted throughout the fire period.

The WinDuct® system offers building consultants, architects and contractors an efficient way of designing ductwork for smoke spill and ventilation.

It offers a 2-hours resistance to fire with the use of locally fabricated Galvanized Iron Ductwork improved with fire prevention coating.

The system was tested with the Accredited Laboratory in accordance with International Standard and approved by the Fire Services Department. It was further tested locally and abroad to ensure that the WinDuct® system was suited to the local construction condition.


  1. Underground Car Park Smoke Extraction Ductwork System
  2. Kitchen Extract Ductwork System
  3. Pressurisation Ductwork System
  4. Basement Ventilation System

Performance Criteria

All Fire Rated Ductwork should be officially tested to BS 476 Part 24 or AS 1530.4 with ISO Standard Fire Curve (ISO 834) of achieving stability, integrity and insulation performance criteria. It is further considered that any restriction of the cross sectorial area of Duct of 75% or less of its original area should be deemed to constitute failure.

Where required under the UBBL (Uniform Building By Law’s), the form of construction shall be constructed to that of the specimen that has been tested. Unless otherwise indicated, the fire rating shall be not less than the required for the construction separating the compartment.

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