Why Choose WinDuct®

Light Weight

WinDuct® is lighter than ducts constructed using fire rated board.

Easy & Fast

WinDuct® is easy and fast to install. No delays due to unavailability of skilled labour and special tools.

Any Shapes

WinDuct® is very flexible for use. It can be constructed in any shape and the splendidly formed flat oval or round shape can be an architectural feature.

Saves Space

WinDuct® saves valuable space. No more clearance problem due to bulky board construction.

Anti Fungal Growth

WinDuct® is resistance to fungal growth. This was tested to MS133 & MS134 and certified by SIRIM under Malaysia weather conditions.


WinDuct® is waterbased, the product does not have any harmful effect to the environment and human and is green product.

Low Air Leakage

WinDuct® has low air leakage property. The standard HVAC duct construction saves power.

Environmental Friendly

WinDuct® is environmentally friendly and can be handled at any time, unlike fire broad system which is very dusty during the cutting.

Impact Strength

WinDuct® has passed impact strength to BS 5669 and provide safety and has a longer life span.


WinDuct® has low VOC property.

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