General Specification of Fire Rated Duct

The fire rated ductwork specified should be tested to B.S. 476 Part 24 (Duct A & Duct B) and Australia Standard A.S. 1530.4 (Duct A & Duct B) as mentioned in UBBL 1984 and A.S. 1668.1998 for 120 minutes (2-Hours) stability, integrity and insulation respectively.

The duct manufactured shall be single skin in construction having total thickness not more than 2mm thick including intumescent coating as tested. The construction of ductwork shall be rectangular, flat oval or round in shape to reduce the limited height and weight of the duct. All duct work construction should be constructed in accordance to SMACNA Duct Construction Standard from Galvanised sheet meet coated with a layer of intumecent coating of not less than 600 microns similar to WinDuct® or equivalent.

The specified material, WinDuct® or equivalent should have the following technical data. (Stability/Integrity/Insulation)





Fire resistant Period

120 minutes (2 hours)


Test Standard

A.S. 1530.4 (Australian Standard) and B.S. 476 Part 24 (British Standard)


Material of ductwork andthickness / gauge

Galvanised iron sheet constructed to SMACNA Duct / DW 144 Duct Construction Standard


Weight of Duct

Not more than 12 kg/m2


Method of application

Roller or brush or spray

Installation / Workmanship

The ductwork should be fabricated / constructed based on SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (static of 250 pa – 1000 pa). Any transformation or reducer shall be use the thickness of the larger dimension of the duct section, in the event that the duct works are accessible after the installation, the ductwork shall be immediate apply intumescent fire rated coating. All surface of the fabricated ductwork shall be clean from all stain, oil and glue etc before applying the coating by hand brusher or roller to the required minimum thickness of fire rated coating as recommended by the manufacturer.

Quality Check (QAQC)

All finished ductwork shall be checked visually to ensure that they are fully completed together with all TDC joint and clip in place and coated.

All coating shall be verified and checked by the system manufacture representative with “Elcometer – Digital Gauge” to ensure the thickness as recommended are met or within the recommended thickness as specified in their test reports. Any damage or insufficient thickness are then re-apply to the surface to achieve the require thickness. All repairing shall be done on dry surface (at least 12 hours duration).

Adequate storage are to be provided for the coating to maintain free of damage and in conditions suitable as required and deliver to site until components can be immediately unloaded into adequate storage or site with proper protection.



Tender samples


Suffcent samples, trade literature and technical specification shall be provided upon submission of tender including valid Bomba Certification.

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